Top Caribbean Destinations Perfect for a Christmas!

More reasons to escape the Caribbean, more enjoyment! The weather is very favorable throughout the year, so you can visit the Caribbean any time. You will get the annual hurricane season in December. Some of the Islands are warm in December and it is almost dry in the Caribbean during this period, you will not be discouraged. Christmas Caribbean beach can be considered to be the best option to enjoy Christmas. You will get nonstop and regular flights to the Caribbean. You will enjoy the ideal party, unique cultural festivities, affordable accommodation, and relaxing nights. You will enjoy the holidays in the Caribbean with glistening water, beautiful beaches, warmth, and exotic beverages. Other main attractions are vibrant underwater worlds, rich culture, world-class stretches of sand, delicious cuisine, snorkel, gorgeous waterfalls, authentic Caribbean fare, and various natural wonders. Some of the destinations to visit during Christmas in the Caribbean are listed below:

1. Aruba


Apart from the Christmas Caribbean beach, one can enjoy the holidays in the warm temperature of Aruba. It will fulfill all your fantasies about the Caribbean. Just visit the white sandy beaches and enjoy looking at blue sparkling water while sipping a chilled drink. It is fully lined with world-class attractions and resorts. One can enjoy the meals in the restaurants around it and have some shopping experience at malls. All these things make it an ideal destination to enjoy Christmas.

2. Cayman Islands

2. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is known to be the best Island for families. It has lots of hospitable and warm locals. It provides you the opportunity to explore all the ideal places on this Island like condos, restaurants, recreational activities, and lots more. You can also enjoy the traditional events of the Cayman Islands. You will see festive decorations and an idyllic climate during Christmas. You will enjoy your holidays with full enjoyment and entertainment. One can also take advantage of the Christmas Bus Tour with traditional holiday fares like Cassava Cake and Roast Beef.

3. Dominican Republic

3. Dominican Republic

This area has lots of inclusive resorts. It is one of the cheapest destinations during Christmas. All the resorts offer activities, entertainment, and meals. One can also enjoy plentiful outdoor activities. One should take a tour of the chocolate factory and enjoy the traditional eve tradition consisting of pig roasting overnight on Christmas Eve. One can also enjoy traditional bachata, nightclubs, local bars, and dancing.

4. Jamaica

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Jamaica is known to be the land of spice! It is full of spicy food; one can enjoy it at every hotel or restaurant. It is the best place apart from Christmas Caribbean Beach. One can also enjoy the urban culture around the city. It has lots of resorts and affordable accommodations during Christmas week. You will get a regular and direct flight with cheap airfare. It is known to be the best place for honeymooners. One can also enjoy the Christmas Market during the visit. Its food and fruit are high in demand and very delicious.

5. St. Thomas

Virgin Islands St Thomas harbor view in the morning with islands building and mountain

It is very easy to visit St. Thomas as you will get many direct flights with cheap airfare from Newark. It can be considered to be the best island among the Caribbean islands. For visiting this place you don’t need a passport. It is the best and most enjoyable place for couples. Just chill, drink and enjoy the sunset.

6. Antigua

6. Antigua

It consists of tiny beaches and is known to be a resort destination that laces the coastline. It attracts tourists of worldwide serving modest, budget and luxury resorts with heritages of Antigua. One can enjoy the activities like entertainment, boating, and wonderful cuisine. One can also find affordable resorts according to his/her pocket. It has warm weather during December.

7. Anguilla


Anguilla will indeed mesmerize you with its Natural beauty. Local cultures will emphasize you during its visit. It offers you luxurious villas and resorts. It also has affordable accommodations. It has place adorable white sandy beaches and sugar-like sands. It has no mega-resort and less crowded islands than Anguilla and the Caribbean. It offers outstanding snorkeling, open-air eateries, and excellent bars. One can also explore excellent places like the Pumphouse, Big Spring Cave, Petroglyphs dating, Wallblake, and Old Salt Factory.

8. St. Martin

8. St.. Martin​

Christmas Caribbean beach is the best place to enjoy Christmas Eve. At this destination, you will enjoy both the cultures like French and Dutch. It has an adorable blend of both cultures. It is known to be a buzzing island. You can also enjoy the night in bars, restaurants, and clubs. It is famous for lolos which will make a foodie happy.

9. Curacao

Glass of cold blue cocktail

Curacao Island is known to be the best destination during December near Christmas. It feels very pleasant while sitting around the hurricane belt. Snorkelers and Divers from around the world are attracted by this place to enjoy activities full of adventures. One can enjoy the unique traditions of the islands during Christmas. It offers cheap accommodations, delicious meals, and entertainment. You will get direct and cheap flights to reach this place.

10. Barbados


This place is known to be more adventurous than Caribbean island. It has golf courses and one can enjoy golf courses. It is well connected to London. It is full of powdery white sands, holiday traditions, and turquoise. One can enjoy various activities like craft fairs, festivals, and massive feasts. It is famous for liquor, spices, and dried fruits. One can also enjoy open fires, sleigh rides on the Islands.

11. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

If you want to enjoy and make your holidays memorable then visit this Puerto Rico. You will get pleasant weather and get up on your feet and start dancing to the salsa beats. One can enjoy the seminal and magical time in San Juan. This place is full of dazzling lights, pubs, restaurants, clubs, and colorful whimsy. One can also enjoy the colonial beauty of this place.

12. Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicoss

This place Turks and Caicos are famous for its adorable scenic beauty and is known to be a luxurious destination. One can enjoy the holidays at a cheaper cost. You will get traditional hotels and resorts to stay in. One can enjoy the delicious food in the local restaurants. It consists of a 12-mile-long beach.

13. Grenada


One can enjoy parranderos crooning parang. You will also enjoy tasty drinks at this place. You can enjoy delicious food in the locally situated restaurants and open-air kiosks. One can also enjoy the Grenadian Christmas fare. Visitors can also enjoy the dances in the different dresses. One can enjoy hosting celebratory street parties and Masquerade bands which are very interactive. One can enjoy soaking up the sand and multi-course dinners.

14. St. Kitts & Nevis


These both islands St. Kitts and Nevis are the most spread islands. The beautiful and best-considered time to visit this place is the End of December and initiate of January month. One can enjoy various festivals like Sugar Mas, Christmas parties, parades, street parties, and boxing. You should enjoy Grand Parade on the day of New Year. You will get to enjoy local dance, poetry, drama, song, and folklore.

15. Trinidad & Tobago

15. Trinidad & Tobago

Christmas in the Caribbean beach and Tobago is the best place to enjoy a Christmas party. You will enjoy the Parang Festival.  One will enjoy costumed band performances, folk songs, parties, concerts, and beats of various instruments like cuatro, mandolin, and box bass. It offers culinary adventure with flavors and foods. You will get delicious Roti rounded with local seafood, vegetables, and curried meats.

16. Mexico’s Caribbean Coast

16. Mexico’s Caribbean Coast

This Mexico covers lots of destinations. It offers a sunny Christmas around the Caribbean coast. One can enjoy swimming in the mineral-rich water of the sea. You should visit the cave cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula; there you will find fresh drinking water filtered by the nature. You will get affordable shelter and enjoy delicious local cuisines in open-air restaurants or kiosks.

17. Belize

17. Belize

If you prefer a warmer holiday then it is the best place. This is the ideal place for Belizeans and Christmas lovers. You will get beautiful beaches, wildlife, and jungles and enjoy activities like diving & snorkeling. You should enjoy Maya Deer dance and brukdong music in the Santa Cruz area. You will get Spanish, Las Posadas, and Belize-style traditions. You will get unique cultural events like island hopping and hiking. You will get a rush during December and January. You will get an affordable stay/shelter in Belize City. One should enjoy delicious foods like rice and beans, black cake, ham, cranberry jelly, potato salad, and rum popo.

18. Montserrat


Christmas on the Caribbean beach is very enjoyable. It is also known as the Caribbean’s Emerald Isle because of its lush rainforests and Irish heritage. This can be the best place if you want to spend holidays in the Caribbean with less crowd. This island is full of African and Irish traditions. You can enjoy the annual celebration of Christmas which includes the Soca Monarch competition and “Night of Pan” party, the parade on New Year, and the calypso contest.

19. Hike El Yunque Rainforest

Hike El Yunque Rainforest

You can explore and enjoy outdoor adventure in Puerto Rico’s nature within El Yunque National Forest. It is situated near the city of San Juan with a travel distance of 45 minutes. On the way, one can enjoy fauna and flora. This rainforest is very vibrant and very vast to explore. One will go to meet interesting wildlife like Puerto Rican parrots and coqui frogs. You will enjoy a natural pool near the Angelito trail; just take a dip to become refreshing. You will enjoy beautiful waterfalls and giant ferns. One should visit the Yokahu Observation Tower.

20. Brimstone Hill Fortress

Brimstone Hill Fortress

It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites delivering unbeatable historical views. It is located on the northeastern edge of the island. It can be the best trip during your holidays. It displays an adorable panorama hilltop position that flies 800 feet above the sea. It is constructed around the 19th & 18th centuries. It has an incredible role in the British military march providing an excellent panoramic view.

21. Surf at Bathsheba Beach

surfer on a blue wave. high quality photos

Christmas vacation Caribbean beach is the best place to visit and makes the holidays memorable. It is the eastern shore of Barbados which has one of the top surfing beaches. It is a unique place to take photos of different rocks formation and the pristine white sand beach. One should enjoy the unspoiled landscape, wild waves, and surfing. One should visit a nearby fishing village and browse local rum shops.

22. Pigeon Island National Park

Aerial view of Beautiful Koh Tao island in Surat Thani, Thailand.

It is located in the northwest region of St. Lucia. You will find a picturesque reserve near Rodney Bay. Its historic ruins, beaches, and incredible viewpoint reflect it as a popular destination on the Caribbean island. One should visit Fort Rodney and enjoy the breathtaking island panorama and historic ruins. The informational signs near the footpath display the historic importance of the concerned area.

23. Snorkel at Sapphire Beach

Snorkeling in tropical Maldives island

In this area, you will enjoy the rich marine life situated in Sapphire Beach’s clear waters. It has excellent soft white sands on the east coast beach. One can experience underwater exploration as snorkel gear is available. You will get snorkeling spots near the Pretty Klip Point near the island. It is a well-suitable home for graceful sea turtles and tropical fish. Enjoy the schools of lively fish, colorful coral, and calm clear waters.

24. Chacchoben Ruins

beautiful old architecture historic of Ayutthaya in Thailand - boost up color processing style

It is highly recommended to explore Chacchoben Ruins. One should historic venture and embark on the Chacchoben Ruins. It is situated outside the Costa Maya. The ancient city is framed by cohune palms and mahogany trees. It is one of the Marvel constructions with an impressive temple, giant pyramid structure, and large courtyards.

25. Trek to Dunn’s River Falls

youngyoung hipster beautiful couple in love walking on a rocks at river in winter forest, jeans, warm coat, sneakers, smiling, having fun, traveling, hiking, vacation, love, romance hipster beautiful couple in love walking on a rocks at river in winter forest, jeans, warm coat, sneakers, smiling, having fun, traveling, hiking, vacation, love, romance

Christmas vacation Caribbean beach is the best place to enjoy the holidays during December. It is one of the best places of natural attractions in Jamaica. It has Dunn’s River falls and haven, and a terraced cascade (tropical paradise). You will enjoy natural pools, just dip in them.

26. Habitation Latouche

Habitation Latouche

One will enjoy the oldest house in Martinique and meet exotic wildlife in the old sugar plantantion. You will be going to see the zoological park which consists of tropical pumas, monkeys, birds, tropical birds, jaguars, and anteaters. You have to follow the pathways of a botanical garden to enjoy the animals. You will enjoy fauna and flora. Other highlights around this area are an aqueduct, historical main house, paddle wheel, scenic Anse Latouche River, and workshop.

27. Swim With Stingrays

Swim With Stingrayss

The experience to visit Grand Cayman is very awesome and one can enjoy the top things there. One can interact with shallow water, sea creatures, and aquatic animal. One should swim safely along with barb-clipped stingrays while learning about undersea animals and warm ocean waters. This experience can be called a memorable moment in the life.

28. Dark View Waterfall

Waterfall in the Westfjords, Iceland

You should don’t miss the chance to uncover the waterfall on the island of St. Vincent. One should also enjoy the fifteen-minute hike in a tropical paradise full of thundering falls. One should enjoy a trek around the bamboo grove over the Richmond River. The scenic beauty of the waterfalls makes your heart will with joy.

29. Lounge on Te Amo Beach

Romantic picnic with flowers and glasses of champagne by the sea. The concept of a holiday.

Christmas vacation Caribbean beach is the best option to enjoy Christmas. It is known to be the best romantic stretch. The lounge is available to get you relaxed on the powdery white sand. One can enjoy the warmth of the sun and the crystal clear water of the sea. You will get direct flights to enjoy this place. You will gaze upon the various species of parrotfish, blanket fish, and snapper.

30. Natural Bridge Ruins

Natural Bridge Ruins

You will get gorgeous and unique Nestled located on the northern shore of Aruba. The bridges of the Arikok National Park served as one of the top of the ancient cave. It is largely composed of coral limestone. It is crafted due to erosion throughout many years. You can get stunning views, take exciting photos, and enjoy powerful waves.

31. Grand Case Beach

Beach chairs in Maldives island with water villas at the sunrise time

You will get full enjoyment of the shores of Grand Case Beach as it is one of the un-crowded shores.  You can enjoy a leisurely swim in the pristine azure water between strolling in paradise and lounging. The sandy beach is very ideal for sea glass spotting and seashell. During the clear day, you will get a stunning view of nearby Anguilla’s island. It is well ideal for sea glass spotting and seashell. You will get delicious local food on the shores and drinks are also available.

32. Climb Gros Piton

A stunning shot of a young man climbing up a cliff on a cold and foggy day

This is the best thing to see and experience in the Caribbean. One should trek towards the top of Gros Piton in St. Lucia. You will encounter the fauna and flora of the rainforest. You will enjoy an impressive vista located on the halfway point. Just embark second half of the adventure and catch your breath. You will get a panoramic view of the neighbouring mountain, Saint Vincent, Quaint fishing villages, Maria Islands, and Petit Piton.

33. Baths of Virgin Gorda

The Baths beach area major tourist attraction at Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands with turquoise water and huge granite boulders

One should take a bath at Virgin Gorda to uncover the unique attractions near the British Virgin Islands. You will get access to the nearby island of Trotola. Just explore the national park’s beauty and playground. It consists of sparkling turquoise seas and soft white sand. Just enjoy the mysterious caves, natural pools, maze-like paths, and hidden coves.